Josh Harder’s Broken Campaign Promises

Josh Harder’s campaign contribution reports prove that he’s been deceiving local voters and doing both. At the very least he should return this money – although he will likely respond with semantics and insider-speak in order to defend his deceit.

Harder has accepted approximately $314,000 in PAC contributions in 2019. PAC donors to Harder include PAC to the Future and Jersey Values PAC which count Goldman Sachs, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and a host of capital management companies as some of their biggest contributors.

But that’s how the PAC-Man game is played, and Josh Harder is getting very good. That’s not what Valley voters wanted. 

Josh Harder’s Deception Runs Deep

CA-10: Last week, on San Francisco columnist Joe Garofoli’s “It’s all Political” podcast, Congressman Josh Harder, aka PACMan, deceived Central Valley voters yet again. “I don’t take a single dollar of corporate money,” he vowed…
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Josh Harder: Partying like a Boss…a Party Boss

CA-10: During the 2018 election, then candidate Josh Harder said, “We need leaders with the courage to stand up to their DC bosses…”. But now, Congressman Josh Harder has taken tens of thousands of dollars…
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Incumbent Congressman Josh Harder caught deceiving Valley voters on his two most important campaign promises – public demands he return the money. CA-10: Midyear FEC campaign fundraising reports have unveiled that an alarming number of…
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