Josh Harder’s Broken Campaign Promises

Josh Harder’s campaign contribution reports prove that he’s been deceiving local voters and doing both. At the very least he should return this money – although he will likely respond with semantics and insider-speak in order to defend his deceit.

Harder has accepted approximately $314,000 in PAC contributions in 2019. PAC donors to Harder include PAC to the Future and Jersey Values PAC which count Goldman Sachs, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and a host of capital management companies as some of their biggest contributors.

But that’s how the PAC-Man game is played, and Josh Harder is getting very good. That’s not what Valley voters wanted. 

Josh Harder’s Deception Runs Deep

CA-10: Last week, on San Francisco columnist Joe Garofoli’s “It’s all Political” podcast, Congressman Josh Harder, aka PACMan, deceived Central Valley voters yet again. “I don’t take a single dollar of corporate money,” he vowed…
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