Josh Harder’s Deception Runs Deep

CA-10: Last week, on San Francisco columnist Joe Garofoli’s “It’s all Political” podcast, Congressman Josh Harder, aka PACMan, deceived Central Valley voters yet again. “I don’t take a single dollar of corporate money,” he vowed before rehashing old attacks on his predecessor for accepting pharmaceutical and organizational money. Listen below:

A close look at Josh Harder’s cash on hand reveals that the pharmaceutical companies Amgen and Sunovian Pharmaceuticals were significant contributors to PAC to the Future and Massachusetts-based 4MA PAC, respectively. Harder has also accepted funds from Florida Sugar Cane League PAC and Michigan Sugar Company Growers, just to name just a few of Harder’s many special interest-fueled political action committee contributions.

In fact, fewer than 10 percent of donors to Josh Harder’s campaign actually reside in California’s 10th Congressional District, and less than 3% of dollars raised have come from local residents.

Josh Harder has been repeatedly caught deceiving local voters about his top campaign promise to “refuse Corporate PAC donations,” and has instead accepted approximately $314,000 in PAC contributions to date.

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