Josh Harder throws his proxy vote to…New Mexico?

CD-10 – Yesterday, 33-year old Congressman Josh Harder sent a letter to the House of Representative Clerk, giving his proxy vote for California’s 10th Congressional District to New Mexico Congresswoman Debra Haaland. Josh Harder wrote in the letter dated May 26th that he was “unable physically to attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency.” Click here to see the letter.

“Churches, barbershops, and restaurants are opening up across the Valley. First responders, front-line workers and our farmers are out working every day, but Josh Harder says he can’t go to work for you. Instead of throwing our Valley voices to some Member of Congress from New Mexico, I’m more than happy to take Josh’s place representing the people of the Valley in Congress,” said Dr. Ted Howze. 

“Now we know why Josh has been desperately trying to distract the media and voters – he’s throwing your voice under the bus, to let a representative from New Mexico fly to D.C. and vote for you.”