“PAC Man” Harder’s Legacy: Light-Foxconn

Light-Foxconn – During Harder’s tenure, BVP and others invested $9.7 million into Light, which partnered the following year with Foxconn, a notorious Chinese manufacturing company who became the subject of countless acts of workplace abuse and human rights violations.

Over the course of a decade, it came to light that Foxconn forced employees to work 80 -100 hours of unpaid overtime per month, paid workers as little as $2.11 per hour, and even utilized child labor. The practices resulted in cases of accidental death and numerous instances of suicide and attempted suicide, including a stand-off between authorities and 150 employees threatening mass suicide over the abysmal working conditions.

Immediately prior to his election, Josh “PAC Man” Harder worked at Bessemer Venture Partners, a $4 billion global venture capital firm. Initially hired in the firm’s New York office in 2014, Harder moved to San Francisco in 2016 and was promoted to Vice President where he was charged with “work(ing) closely with BVP’s investing partners to identify entrepreneurial opportunities in mobile, telecom, infrastructure and enterprise applications,” according to a press release dated September 21, 2016.

A trail of layoffs and workplace abuse follow many of Bessemer’s questionable investments throughout Josh Harder’s tenure.
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